They say the Sprites are descendants of the horny Goddess's, now there are horny sprite all over the place. You are a field researcher, and it's your job to study them to the fullest of your abilities.

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TagsAdult, Fantasy, girl, Hentai, Lewd, Monster Girls, Porn, sexy


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Ummm... how do you play it? There is  no tutorial on how to interact with my surroundings... I may just be dumb but I can't figure this out... help?


Hi, yes a better tutorial is needed to make sure players get the gist of it. It's a simple premise, any area that seams suspicious/curious, press F to check if there is a sprite hiding there. It could be a circle of rocks, an oddly colored spot on the ground, maybe a slightly unique stone that stands out from the rest of the area. Kind of an Easter egg hunt, just check any spot that looks curious. I hope that helps, good luck! 

Thanks, this does help!

for some reason i keep goign sideways downwards and can't stop

Hi, sorry for late reply, this has been a common issue that I have not been able to recreate, have you tried the downloadable version? I'm guessing the issue should not persist in that version.

1 help Your browser does not support any of the required graphics API for this content. 2 give a link to the discord if there is one

If you talk to Vixy for a third time after finding the shroomlets, the game breaks, with the textbox and image staying on the screen while allowing the player to walk about. It might be an idea to also allow players to view the scenes they have unlocked, in case they accidentally skip them.

Other than that, great job.


Tested and confirmed. cant believe I never noticed that, will fix next update.thanks for the heads up!!

great game ! Cant wait for an update

:DDD Thanks for saying so! I just finished drawing one more scene for the next chapter, so it is on it's way!

great game, seems like it has alot of potential! art work looks nice too. looking forward to seeing what's to come. keep up the good work

Thanks! Working on the second installment currently, glad you liked it!! 

Game not working on Brave. Grey screen with green Energy bar in top left.

Just ran the game in Brave and it worked fine for me, did you try refreshing the page and making sure your browser version is up to date?

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It may have not loaded in time. I updated and it's working now anyway.
Is there a non-paid downloadable version? The web version is slooooooow for me.

Sorry to hear that! Unfortunately the only downloadable version right now is inside Patreon, trying to save up every penny to spend on voice acting and music for the game farther down the line. Also as new chapters come out hopefully I can get some quality options available for a smoother browser experience.