As a Sprite researcher, it's your job to do hands on research on these horny sprites! Currently you are traveling south the the town of Littlehump town to meet Researcher Laura, who is doing some pressing Sprite research of her own. 

move: WASD or Arrow keys
check area & interact: 'F' key or '?' key
Pickup objects: E
exit menu: Escape
Index: Tab
shoot: Spacebar


StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
TagsAdult, Fantasy, Furry, girl, henai, Lewd, Monster Girls, Porn, sexy


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Unable to parse error is still here I suppose :/

the message "Unable to parse Build/July Build WEBGL.framework.js.gz! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: gzip" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug." comes up when i try to launch the game

Have had this bug from a couple people, one time it went away for someone. Just tested it runs fine for me. Would recommend trying a different browser.

Is... there a way to turn off the huge intrusive message telling me to just check out the patreon version?

afraid not, but I applaud your optimism!

Also near the pryamid puzzel you can climb up the rock

Great game! Nice art and everything. Quick question...I think i found all of them but one box in the index has nothing. Did i miss one?

So if you talk to Alma at the end of the tutorial she will say "looks like you pretty much found em all" or something if you have indeed found them all. The empty slot in index is something I'll adjust in a future update. I just have been adding rows of 5 at a time so it incidentally landed with one empty slot this time around. 

Can climp up the rock near pyramid noted, thanks! I should put secret sprite up there XD

Thanks for playing! 

Just subbed to your patreon (or what ever means im givinbg you money xD) for the amazing art and work youve done. And the rock thing maybe another Cowen scene? Also what gave you the idea of making this game? 

Wow you are a champ, thank you so much!! 

So I always liked the idea of "Pokemon but with sexy lewd monster girls" and I tried making the "Monster girl venture" game, where there are areas of grass and the monster girls pop up, then you play a guitar hero type minigame. I ultimately scrapped it because the core game had framerate type issues which is no good for "hit the button at a precise moment. " 

So I figured a simpler core gameplay loop and one that has less potential for error was "Look for unique spots and there is a lewd Sprite hiding there!" This idea was more so inspired by Zelda, link to the past specifically.

 In that game there were bombable walls that were always obviously marked, it was supposed to be a secret but once you know what the mark was all mystery was lost. In the original Zelda game you had to bomb all the walls randomly to find secrets, and I always thought "why cant we get an in-between for these, so its not a shot in the dark completely but it's not smh so obvious, you might lose a couple bombs but it would feel totally worth it" So I was excited to build around that concept. 

It is a challenge to come up with new hiding spots that are just exactly hard enough to find. Especially when the full game version is supposed to climb in difficulty but the demos may be played by people who have never played it before. 

Anhow that's pretty much it. thanks again for pledging!!  (I guess it's called pledging on Patreon) it really does help me feel like I'm getting closer to just making cool games for people full time. Cheers!!

Awesome! Good luck and i hope to play more!

Im bad at using words so thats all i could put out sorry xD

Great work. Especially helpful to see where you've interacted with the sprites, although the highlighted stone circles don't have this feature, so if you highlight it and forget to interact with it, you might not know to search there later.

There is also some minor render distance issues, as a tree clips into and out of view at the top of the fence blocking you from the chapter two area. The choice to restrict you to only one projectile at a time is welcome, although I did enjoy creating piles of them and trying (and failing) to skip over the fence in the last update.  Maybe the baloons should float up out of reach and back down instead of sinking into the ground,  but the camera might make it a bit too hard to time the shots that way.

Thanks for the detailed response! Yes I'm planning to put the sparkles on the highlighted stones as well, I was a little too hacky building them earlier on in development so It will take just a little extra work to get it in, but they certainly will get it at some point! 

Render distance will probably need a sweeping check through the whole game, it's a bit lower on the priority list at the moment but will probably all get cleaned up at some point in the finale build. 

I really only restricted projectile fire because otherwise it would be too easy to spam the balloons and nearly eliminate any kind of challenge. I liked rapid firing and piling them up myself, but I think it was a necessary move XD Thanks again for the comment!!