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They say the Sprites are descendants of the horny Goddess's, now there are horny sprite all over the place. You are a field researcher, and it's your job to study them to the fullest of your abilities.

You are a sprite researcher in the field, researching what turns on these horny sprites! 3 new Sprites, 5 Sprites in total, 6 new scenes...Check it out yo.

Move: WASD
Check area: F key
fire Pea Shooter: Spacebar

Downloadable demo available here with FULL AUDIO, better framerate and less issues. 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, Cute, Furry, Game Boy, Hentai, Lewd, Monster Girls, NSFW, Porn


Lewd Sprites Chapter 4 DOWNLOADABLE 68 MB

Install instructions

just download the zip file, put it in a separate folder, extract the file and double click the client (with the little bee icon)


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Nice art, but needs some interaction

uau hyperbeamart seu jogo é muito bom! e tambem é legal ver um jogo que não para de atualizar!

Hey thanks a ton for saying this, I really appreciate it! More updates are currently in the works, stay tuned! 

I'm back for the newest game, and I am still loving it!


Yes! Back in the saddle! Thanks for playing!! 

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(Message for Game Creator Below!)

Right then, since I didn't see any comments giving a guide, here's one. 

When you first spawn go to (your) right, a little hexagon stone thing will be on the ground, that's one of the sprites. 

The next one is just past those stones closer to the river, looks like 3 pebbles surrounded by tall grass.

Next is further down the path, there are movable stones, that you can place next to the hexagon stone thing. (Looks the same as the one prior.) I haven't yet completed this step, still trying to find a missing rock(s) to complete the small arc. (Don't forget about these rocks you will need them later for a hexagon on the bottom right.) The two obvious ones follow this, the moving reeds and steaming water. 

The rest of the hexagons don't have puzzles, just press F and they will give you a scene, or picture. 

Hidden ones include the plain "X marks the spot" joke to the right of the left-most river up near the top path. 

A beetle sprite scene is sort of glitched where it lets you see it from the other side of the river, until you cross, whereupon it disappears. This could just be a high-tier game mechanic, but you never know. 

One of the NPC's tells you a riddle of sorts, that says to "look between the ears" travel down the path slightly and you'll see a rock formation that's symmetrical and looks like a butterfly made out of four rocks, stand in the middle and bingo. 

Since I am rather lazy and I don't know the word count allowed in these comments, the rest can be found by traveling up, (or down), the rivers, while avoiding the driftwood.

To the Game Creator: Excellent RPG game idea, the art style is very interesting and arousing, but it doesn't have the "Bang, Pop, Kapow!" That really makes a user want to pay for it. Perhaps make this game series free to draw attention to yourself as a game creator, then announce the release of an intensely detailed updated version of the game, or a new series entirely that will grab the attention of horny game-players. I am not saying it to be mean, but as a word of advice from a marketing connoisseur. Don't lose hope! You can still make it big!


Hey nice guide, I think you missed the extra wiggly reeds and the bubbling spots in the water. (though I think a lot of people might have missed those...) The glowing Beetili spot in the forest is indeed an "advanced game mechanic" and not a glitch XD I thought it was a cool feeling to go there and be like " but wait I could swear I saw something..." and then check the area and find her anyhow. 

Thanks so much for the comment!! I really apricate input like this. Yes the art is always a work in progress, I think I know what you mean about the back, pop kapow.  all too often I see better artists work and I'm like "man I wish I could draw like that" But I am always working on improve, and am just posting the sexiest stuff I am capable of. 

Yes I plan to dial back some of the censoring for the future, maybe just doing some kind of bonus content for patrons but letting others access the full main content. Thanks again, I love constructive comments like this! 

Deleted post

Hi, unfortunately yes there are 2 scenes that are censored and will stay that way in the demos. I probably wont censor in this way in the future since it was not received very well lol, I think it feels a little too much like a cock-block kind of thing. The demo still has 5 other scenes to view non censored. 


As I don't want to unfairly represent the game, I should note that a number of bugs have been fixed since my previous posts.

These include the missing balloon near where you are reminded about the pea gun, the balloon shadow without a balloon, the out of bounds glitch by said shadow, and walking on the rocks making up the face. Furthermore, the reeds with sprites in them now wiggle with a different animation, so they can be indentified with sight alone.

I should also note that Hyperbeamart has also followed up and fixed bug reports on chapters one and three, for which I am very thankful for.


Hey I forgot to say thank you for mentioning all those bugs, it is nearly impossible to catch every little thing so posts like yours are extremely helpful! You are helping the game be as good as it can be! Thank you!! 




I've noticed a couple of issues in the Web Build. Most important one is that you can get stuck, by going in between the three rocks at Central Beach. You can faint out of that spot, and it is somewhat finicky to get in there, but I don't think you are meant to be trapped.

Also, there is a shadow of a balloon by the first sigil that tells you about whether you've found all the sprites in an area, with no visible baloon, and there is no balloon near where the girl who talks about the pea shooter is to hit, despite there being a stone circle and a gap in the wall.

Because there doesn't seem to be any audio in the wqeb build, some sprites, mainly those in the reeds, reqiure guesswork to find. This is also an accessibility issue for hard of hearing players. Finally, you can walk on top of the rocks that make the face, which i think is unintended as most rocks can't be walked up.

Other than that, good work.

Nevermind, found a couple more bugs. Near the shadow of the balloon, hold down-left by the tree to  walk up the rocks and out of bounds. You are still limited by the terrain steepness, and it can be hard to see where you are vertically as you don't cast shadows onto the rocks, a bug in of itself. I don't think it is possible to get past the wall by the waterfall, although placing a movable stone near the left tree, and climbing up the tree onto it looks close.

Finally, picking up a stone at a different y elevation to normal (easily achieved with the out of bounds glitch above) has the stone hover in the air at that height relative to you. You can also pick the stone up facing away from it, and it will follow you behind it. Placing the stone down leaves it hovering in the air.

These bugs were also gound in the web build.